Udyam Aadhar / MSME Registration

Udyam Registration is a new type of registration to classify any business as a MSME. It is an initiative to go paperless and give all Business a 16 – digit unique number with a QR Code in a certificate, classifying and recognizing a Business as Micro, Small or Medium based on the investment and turnover of the Business. The objective behind this registration is to understand the business and provide the maximum support and benefit from the Government of India to business.

How Does Online Udyam Aadhar Registration Work?

Under the Udyam Aadhar, only one page needs to be filled for registration with Aadhaar Card
acting as the sole legal document.

Upload the document and Fill the Form

Step 1

We fill the application on your behalf

Step 2

Government will Email the Certificate to you

Step 3

Benefits of Udyam Aadhar

  • Get all the benefits for MSME

    Collateral free loans, subsidised government fees, Concessional electricity rates, waiver of security deposit in government tenders.

  • Avail Government Schemes

    You will be able to access and avail government scheme benefits for Business, as all business would have to be classified as MSME, whose turnover is less than 500 Crores.

  • Online Paperless Process

    MSME registration process is fully online, paperless and based on your Aadhar, PAN and Income Tax Returns.

  • No Statutory Fee

    The Government does not charge any fee, for making your job simpler we will charge you our professional fee for an error free filing.

  • Save yourself from Fine

    For any error or concealment, government can impose a fine on you under Section 27 of the Act, which may extend upto Rs. 10,000/-

  • Lifetime Available

    Once the UAM Number is granted to you, it will be available for a lifetime for that Business.

Classification of MSME

Micro Enterprises

Investment up to Rs 1 Cr and turnover up to Rs 5 Cr

Small Enterprises

Investment up to Rs 10 Cr and turnover up to Rs 50 Cr

Medium Enterprises

Investment upto Rs 50 Cr and turnover upto Rs 250 Cr

Checklist (Documents Required)

Following are the documents which are needed for udyam registration:

  • Your Aadhaar Number,
  • Business PAN Number, and
  • Business Account details.

(Having PAN & GST number is mandatory from 01.04.2021)


An enterprise for the purpose of this process will be known as Udyam and its Registration Process will be known as 'Udyam Registration'

Fill in this typeform [PROVIDE TYPEFORM LINK] and Lawwale will register for you !


  • Get all the benefits for MSME
  • Avail Government Schemes 
  • Online Paperless Process
  • No Statutory Fee 
  • Save yourself from Fine
  • Lifetime Available

There is no Govt fee for this registration except the professional charges.

All Manufacturers and Service Providers can register as Udyam. Traders cannot register under this scheme.

Aadhaar number, PAN and GST Number is required.

There is no expiry period. It is issued for permanent use.

There is no need for renewal.

Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises is the registering government authority for Udyam Udyog Registration.

There is no difference between Udyam and MSME. Udyam is another name for MSME Companies.

It is an online process and there is no need for a physical submission / appearance in person.

Provide updated information to us and we will do the needful.

Yes. Failure to update the relevant information within the period specified in the online Udyam Registration portal will render the enterprise liable for suspension of its status

Yes. Whoever intentionally misrepresents or attempts to suppress the self-declared facts and figures appearing in the Udyam Registration or updation process shall be liable to such penalty as specified under section 27 of the Act.

In case of first conviction, a fine of Rs. 1,000. In case of subsequent conviction, fine not less than Rs. 1,000 and may extend to Rs. 10,000.

 Enterprises involved in the business of manufacture or production of goods pertaining to any industry specified in the first Schedule of the Industries (Development and Regulation) Act, 1951 are known as:

  1. Where the investment in the Plant & Machinery does not exceed more than 25 lakhs, it is a Micro Enterprise.
  2. Where the investment in the Plant & Machinery is more than 25 lakhs but does not exceed 5 crore then it is a Small Enterprise.
  3. Where the investment in the Plant & Machinery is more than 5 crore but does not exceed 10 crore then it is a Medium Enterprise.


An enterprise involved in providing services is known as:

  1. Where the investment in equipment does not exceed 10 lakh, it is a Micro Enterprise.
  2. Where the investment in equipment is more than 10 lakhs but does not exceed 2 crores, it is a Small Enterprise
  3. Where the investment in equipment is more than 2 crore but does not exceed 5 crore, it is a Medium Enterprise.

UAM helps the MSME’s to self-certify their existence for availing various benefits through Government’s schemes by proving their details like bank account details, promoter or owner’s aadhar details and other minimum information required.

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