Trade License

A Trade License is a legal document issued by the local municipality of the State Government, to start business operations in a particular location or area.

The government fee and the specifications of the License differ from state to state depending on various factors. Call us to get the details and complete specification for the same.

How To Register For A Trade License Online?

It is essential for every business that carries out a trade to have a Trade License. We, ‘Lawwale’ help you get this registration done at the local municipality easily and simply.

We address all your queries about the trade License.
Step 1

We help you get the entire process of registration completed.
Step 2

We help you with the post-registration formalities and compliances.
Step 3

Benefits of trade License

The three types of trade licenses that an individual or company can apply based on the type of trade or business that is carried out.

  • Shop License – The license of these types requisite for the people who want to open a shop or establishment to sell their goods or services.
  • Industrial License – This Industrial license is requisite for a business that wants to open a small or mid-sized industrial unit.
  • Food Establishment License – If any establishment that plans to get into the food and beverage industry need this license. This license applies to cafes, bakeries, meat shops, restaurants and vegetable shops.
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