Shop and Establishment License

Every person needs to get a Shop & Establishment license within thirty days of commencement of work.The penalties for not getting a license differ from State to State. Additionally, since a Shop & Establishment license is one of the first certifications for commercial activities, they are often used as requisite documents for current accounts in Banks. Thus, not getting a license not only brings with it legislative sanction but also causes problems in day to day operations.

How To Apply For A Shop And Establishment License Online

Registration under the Shop and Establishment Act is mandatory as it governs workers’ rights and their working conditions, related to the unorganized sector. Shop and Establishment registration is mandatory and we help you get it at the least possible time.

Data Check

We do a thorough check of the files you send us.
Step 1

Vendor Connect

We appoint an affiliate to process your application.
Step 2

Receipt of License

The TIN is issued within 15 days of the submission of the application.
Step 3

Features of Shop and Establishment License

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