Patent Licence and Assignment

The restricted monopoly or legal right provided to an individual or firm to make, utilize, and offer creation and reject others from doing the same is called patents. Novelty, non-obviousness, and usefulness must be fulfilled by innovation to get patents. To get a patient, a detailed description of the innovation must be given. This helps in utilization and to provide additional thrust to innovation with new developments.

How To Deposit Online TDS Return

Online TDS return is a statement given to the IT department every quarter. Every deductor needs to deposit income tax and file for TDS return on time. Lawwale assists and guides you on online TDS return in 3 easy steps:


Information Collection

Our agents will set up a seamless process for data collection
Step 1

Return Preparation

Your return will be prepared as required
Step 2

Return Filing

Before you know it, your return will be ready for filing
Step 3


Deductor is a company or person that makes the payment after deducting TDS

Deductee is a Company or person receiving the payment

A Deductor has to deposit the TDS to the government and to be filed in the form of a TDS return. The particular nature of TDS deductions has to be filed using different TDS return forms. TDS filed a quarterly basis.

TDS Return is to be deposited to the Government by the 7th of the month succeeding the tax period.

If the taxpayer takes more than a year to file the TDS return or furnishes the wrong details of PAN No., TDS amount, he/she will need to pay a penalty of maximum Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1 lakh.

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