If you want to open a restaurant you can obtain this from the FSSAI Registration (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India). It is an independent organization which is established by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India.FSSAI license frequently serves as the approval of authority towards the restaurant which makes certain consumers believe that the food of the restaurant confirms the food safety standards.

How To Get An FSSAI License Online

There are 3 kinds of FSSAI Licenses – Basic, Central, and State. Every food business must register for an FSSAI License under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. Lawwale helps you register for an FSSAI License in 3 simple ways –

Documents Verification

We collect and verify the documents like Form B, list of partners, processing unit plan, food category list, NOC
Step 1

Filing Application

We file the FSSAI application on your behalf
Step 2

Procurement of the License

You procure the FSSAI License and enjoy legal benefits, goodwill and create consumer awareness.
Step 3

Benefits of FSSAI License

Now, with the advent of technology, there is a shift in the manner in which food would be served to the end consumer. Earlier, the consumers would come to the hotel, now the hotels with the assistance of aggregators are going to the consumer. For them to be able to do this, it is mandatory for your business to have a FSSAI License to register yourself on any aggregator portal or run your business that deals with any kind of food products legally. Having a valid FSSAI license is mandatory for all businesses that are in this industry, it also gives you these benefits

FSSAI - Basic Registration

  • Basic FSSAI Registration is compulsory for small food business operators. When you have just started your business and you turnover is less than Rs. 12 lac per annum, you could opt for this registration. Where you could be a small baker, chef, having a retail stall, or operating from a premises alone. The process for this registration is very simple and quick as well. The license is granted based on the declarations provided by you.

FSSAI - State Registration

There are three kinds of FSSAI State Registration, the classificate is based on the kind of products, place of supply and turn over of the company, the registrations are classified as follows:
  • • Basic - Primarily for Retail Shops who are dealing in restautants, Food Outlets, Catering Service providers, packaging of goods. This license are provided All Retail store - Turnover not more than 12 lakh per annum
  • ₹7,500/-
  • • Standard - Primarily who are Manufacturing, dealing in processing on food on a large scale or where the business owners turnover is over 12 lakhs, but below 12 lakhs
  • ₹10,000/-
  • • Comprehensive - This license is for any person who deal with processing or production of food items that involve Milk or Oil based items and when the turn over of the business is over 20 lakh per annum
  • ₹15,000/-

FSSAI - Central Registration

  • FSSAI Central License is mandatory for businesses that are into interstate sale and purchase of food products across states or the business whose turn over exceed Rs. 20 Crores for Manufacturing or Trading or Storage of Food Items.


Yes. Central FSSAI license is mandatory for import or export of food items.

Yes. Trading, distribution, manufacturing or transportation of food products or activities requires an FSSAI license.

Yes. All kinds of catering establishments, even those established under the Central Government in sectors such as Defense, Railways, Airport, etc. require the FSSAI license.

The registered office of the business requires procuring a Central FSSAI license while every manufacturing unit in every state requires a state level FSSAI license.

If all the warehouses are within a single locality then a single license can be obtained for them citing the common locality address. However, if multiple warehouses are present in different localities within the state, the separate licenses need to be obtained for each of them.

FSSAI Basic Registration – Small business with annual turnover < Rs. 12 lacs

FSSAI State License – Medium business with annual turnover < Rs. 20 crores

FSSAI Central License – Large businesses with annual turnover > Rs. 20 crores

Yes. It is mandatory to display the license number on imported food packages and in its absence, the imported food items will not be cleared by the customs. FSSAI Logo is not mandatory.

The individuals or entities that are eligible for an FSSAI Registration or License include:

  1. Every type of Food Manufacturer
  2. Food Packaging unit or Storage unit
  3. Wholesaling or Trading or Online Food Business Operator
  4. Caters, Hotel or Raw material supplier
  5. Exporter and Importer of food products
  6. Transporter as well as Distributors.
  7. Retailers of Food Product.

A trader, operator, entrepreneur which is carrying out any food-related business, etc. food manufacturing, processing, storage distribution, sale of food products it is compulsory for him towards getting an FSSAI Registration License.

It is properly working if such business is supervised through FSSAI standards. Its registration means the food is safe for consumption. Verification is carried out by FSSAI officers during the registration. If you have obtained the license means that your registration is successful. So the Food license is a mandatory requirement for food operators as well as traders. This license meant the food is chemically verified.

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